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Data Recovery Aurora IL 60505

We perform data recoveries on any of the following cases:

  • Power surge problems.
  • Hard drive Clicking
  • Spindle motor failures
  • Drive asking to be formatted
  • Computer does not see the drive
  • Accidental deletion
  • Accidental formatting
  • RAID failures
  • Data loss from a virus attack.
  • Water damage / Flood Damage
  • Fire and Smoke damage

At Computer Labs Data Recovery Service we have many years of experience which enables us to recover data from severely damaged media that our competitors are not able to recover anything from.


Types Of Data Recoveries We Perform:

Hard Drive with Bad sectors

This is a common issue that we see quite often where a hard drive has bad section that can not be read. The remainder of the data however is still safe.

Slow hard drive

This can also be caused by bad sectors on a hard disk. Another cause for a slow hard drive is firmware problems.

Head Failure

When your hard drive is making a clicking noise, it may be a head failure. When heads are exposed to shock or static electricity the get damaged. How damaged the platter is will determine the success of the recovery. The more damaged the platter the harder the recovery.

RAID Data Recovery

Despite the claim that RAID may be considered fault tolerant, it is nevertheless not immune to data loss. Our RAID Recovery technicians specialize in data recovery for all RAID array types including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10.

Memory Stick Data Recovery

This issue can occur when the memory stick gets bent by accident or someone sits on it or steps on it the older the memory stick the weaker the connector gets weak from being inserted and removed from the USB ports on the computer. Any excessive force can break the memory stick and render it inaccessible. We may recover from this memory stick by removing the physical memory chips and recovering the data from them.

Dropped Laptop

If your laptop accidentally falls on the floor, there is still a chance that the data could be recovered because many devices nowadays have built-in shock sensors that minimize the extent of the damage as a result of the fall.

Liquid Damage

A liquid spill can cause some serious damage to your computer internal components including the hard drive. Often times the spill does not get to the hard drive and the data can be recovered successfully. Data Recovery technicians are waiting for your call so please call us and talk to one of our data recovery specialists.

Computer Repair and Data Recovery:

Computer Labs USA provides fast and reliable hardware and software support to both residential and business customers in the Chicago area.

Whatever your computer problem is, we are confident we can fix it for you faster and cheaper. We can even send a technician to your home or office to troubleshoot and repair your computer on the spot at NO EXTRA COST.

At Computer Labs USA, we do not charge for travel time and we only charge you for actual labor hours. Our main focus is centered around the following computer repair services:

Computer Repair

Data Recovery

Laser Printer Repair.

Data Recovery Services:

Please call first to set up an appoitment with a data recovery technician to discuss your case with you and to collect all information needed for the data recovery.

The do’s don’ts in Case of a Data Failure or Data Loss Situation

1- DO NOT panic. Stay calm as data can be recovered in most cases. Our success rate is over 95%. 2- Call us as soon as you notice signs of physical failure of the media.
3- DO NOT attempt to re-boot the computer repeatedly in an attempt to access your data.
4- DO NOT power on and off the drive. This can only lead to further physical damage and possibly data loss. It could potentially make your media unrecoverable.
5- DO NOT install over-the-counter data recovery programs on a drive with deleted or lost files. You could easily overwrite some or all of the files on your media.
If the data is important to you, do not try to recover it yourself. Data Recovery can be a long and complicated process that requires expertise, parts, proper tools and a specific lab environment. We understand how serious your data loss problem is, and we are here to help you recover it all for you.

Call us now at 800 816 5011 or submit your contact information through our website form and one of our data reoovery technicians will contact you shortly.

Data Recovery In Arlington Heights, Chicago, Aurora and Naperville

If your hard drive crashes, starts clicking or grinding, we recommend that you turn it off immediately to prevent further damage to the media and partial or complete data loss.

It is also advised that you stop trying to get the data yourself by repeatedly trying to connect the hard drive to the computer or external reading device. Engaging the hard drive multiple times will not help, it will just make things worse.
Do not give your hard drive to your friend just because he or she works with computers. not everyone who works withh computers is a data recovery engineer. You should not give your hard drive to anyone who is not a professionally trained data recovery technician or engineer.

Bring your hard drive to us. We have years of successful data recovery experience from single computer hard drives and servers to complex, multi-drive RAID arrays. Our state-of-the-art data recovery equipment enables us to recover your files quickly and cost-effectively.

Logical Recovery

We recover data that is Inaccessible due to accidental deletion, formatting or file structure damage. This data recovery is available if the hard drive is still in a perfect operating condition. The deleted file recovery process is time-consuming and may require to run the software overnight. Depending on how much data you have it may take a little while to recover all your data. Then we will have to check data integrity and the result of the recovery.

We usually use more than one application to try and recover the data and that means we need more time to do that. If we recover data from the hard drive, we will need to load the data into a healthy hard drive that you provide if you do not have one we will provide one for you.

Physical Recovery

If the hard drive suffered physical damage, we will have to perform physical recovery which will require us to open the hard drive and maybe replace some parts to allow for data recovery.

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