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Solid State Drive Data Recovery

Solid State Drive Data Recovery

We provide data recovery on solid state drives right here in Chicago.
Because SSD is a new technology and the drives do not have any moving parts, some people assume that they are immune to failure and data loss.
The fact of the matter is, they can fail too just like your typical internal or external hard drives that have moving parts.
Some of the causes of failure include: sudden power loss, magnetic fields or electric charge.

No matter how robust your data storage device is, it will eventually fail at some point. it is not a matte of if, it is just a matter of when. That is why it is wise to back up your data to another media to avoid any unexpected failures and loss of data. Unfortunately, data loss can happen when you least expect it and most people don’t even bother backing up their data the way they should until disaster strikes. Solid state storage devices can lose their ability to retain data after thousands of write/erase cycles just like any other mechanical or electronic devices without prior warning.

SSD Recovery in Arlington Heights IL 60004

Every Solid Date Drive (SSD) is unique in its own recovery situation. We need to perform an initial diagnostics on the drive and then call you to let you know the issue and the cost. By then
we have already determined what steps are necessary to take to recover your data.
As soon as the recovery is approved by you, our technicians will start the recovery effort, validate your data after it is recovered and then copy it to a new media device.

We recover data from any solid state drives from the following manufacturers:
• Intel
• Micron
• San Disk
• Toshiba
• Transcend
• Samsung